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Change logs
Currently 15 change logs in total.

IDTypeWhereDateDescription Rage fixed, preparing to small update soon. to changes in special spells, saiyans can obtain Saiyan Rage by type "!specialfix" Daily Boss, should finally works fine fixed client if u still have problem cards drop have been increased. SSJ4 experience from monster boosted by 15% in Super Makankosappo changed from 3x wave to 2x, because of best heal spell, also Uub/Buu heal nerfed summons are fixed now Speed will skill faster you and your party members cant attack summons To remove them you have to type: !removesummons command can summon 2 clones Rare Tokens have now 2x more chance to drop! little rework of some techniques some 200+lv places to exp will work with other exh than attack spells (After server restart)
Server Informations
PVP protectionto 50 level
Exp rate1 - 49 level, 8x
50 - 99 level, 6x
100 - 199 level, 4x
200 - 299 level, 2x
300 - 349 level, 1x
350+ level, 0.5x
Exp from players0.5x
Skill rate3x
Ki rate3x
Loot rate2x
Max Reborn: 400 level
Offline Training Time: 5 hours
Premium account: FREE

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Client v1.15 extended fix(08.01)

Update moved!

Due to some problems, we have to move the date of update to 06.01.2019
We are very sorry.

Added by N&BH&CTeam and Oski, 03.12.2019 23:34am

Incoming update!

Added by N&BH&CTeam and Oski, 31.12.2018 4:30am

Attack spells no more add exhausted to healing spells

It will be fixed in coming server's restart.

Added by N&BH&CTeam and Oski, 30.12.2018 3:53am